New Feature: Choose Which Emails To Track

Although MailTrack takes your Gmail to the next level by adding our double-check marks for ‘read’ receipts, sometimes we prefer not to track an individual message. That’s why we’ve released our Optional Tracking feature, that allows you disable our tracking system for a specific email before you hit ‘Send’.

When we first developed MailTrack, we wanted to make our interface as seamless as possible. We thought it was important not to affect much our users’ Gmail experience, and we thought email tracking should be a feature added to emails by default.

While we still think these principles are key in our product, after dozens of requests from our users, we decided to add an extra feature that allows you to disable tracking for individual emails. Some MailTrackers prefer to get ‘read’ notifications only for their most important emails, and we wanted to make sure that their need was contemplated.


Why Disable Email Tracking?

If you’re a heavy user of MailTrack, it might the case that you’re being overloaded with our ‘read’ notifications. If you feel like using MailTrack only with your certain types messages, our Optional Tracking feature is perfect for you.


How Do They Work?

Tracking is always selected by default when you’re composing an email. To disable it, click on the MailTrack button right beside ‘Send’, and deactivate the 1st button on the left (which contains our double-check icon).

disabling email tracking

What Do I Need to Have?

All you need to do is to install MailTrack. Optional Tracking is offered by MailTrack at no cost.