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I’m Gabi García, Product Manager at

Today is happy day for me, because here at, we were able to deploy a new feature that is exclusive in the email tracking industry. What was a simple and conceptual idea in my mind has become a reality, thanks to our excellent technical team and the indispensable feedback from our users.

Now, with our extension, you’ll be able to know who of your multiple recipients has opened your emails, as long as they also have installed on their device.


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This improvement shows how important our communication channels with our users are. We started receiving a lot of requests through email and Twitter for a feature like this to be implemented. Also, through our UserEcho channel, the suggestion of creating a feature for multiple recipient email was among the most requested!


Thank you, Arash, for starting this thread on UserEcho 🙂

This, of course, called our team’s attention and made us start working on a solution. for Multiple Recipients means better communication for everyone! Especially when working in teams, our app offers the possibility of making the internal communication more similar to our everyday, face-to-face conversations. If everyone in your company has installed, there will be no need to be checking if your colleague opened your email or not.

Invite your family, friends, and coworkers to install our app, and your email conversations will be more productive and intuitive for everyone!

And if you have suggestions for our extension, don’t hesitate to visit If we see that others agree with you on your ideas, we’ll sure start moving as fast as we can. 🙂

Thank you all! And don’t forget to keep MailTracking 😉

Gabi García, with our super awesome tech team, Gerard Ruiz, Gil Casadevall, & Philip Battle


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