Introducing the New and Improved

Well, this is thrilling! We’re finally wrapping up our first quarter of the year. Honestly, it  was a little rough, but the great thing is we have good news to share. As if we were a couple who just got engaged or is expecting, here at MailTrack we have thrilling announcements to make: We’ve redesigned our website and blog, our team is growing, and we’ve moved into a new office! Now you can get to know us a little better, check out our features and read what we have to say!

It’s been about five months since we celebrated our 1st anniversary, a big milestone we’ve reached with our outstanding Google Chrome Web Store rating that we were extremely excited to celebrate. There are several other milestones we’d like to share with you guys are:

  • Reaching over 275K users

This is huge for us. We’re absolutely ecstatic about this one, guys. If you think we went bananas when we reached 100K users, you can just imagine how up the wall we are about 275K in 16 months!

  • Just like our users, our team is growing; Meet our new members!

In the past few months, our team has grown by 30%. We’ve added a new member to our awesome customer support team: Jonás Gámez who’s in charge of giving our Esther Orenes’ (also known as our support fairy) a big ol’ hand.

Working alongside our CPO is our newest intern, Mauro Lucchini, who’s completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications Engineering. He will be learning as much as he can about product development from being an intern with us. To compliment this, we have a new team in the house! Our brand spankin’ new QA team assembled by Jordi Salvat, Joan Torres and Dimitris Kapanidis who’ll be in charge of helping us out with Quality Assurance to provide you all a better and stronger product.

  • New look!

You’ve probably already noticed our new website. We’ve also implemented a new style of icons, which are more colorful and cheerful.

  • Moving into a new office

With the growth of our team, little by little we were beginning to feel a bit like sardines in a tin box with our old office (which we loved!). Luckily we got to move into a new and bigger office (just next door!) and we also got to keep our kick-ass terrace and wide windows.

Our Monthly Goals meeting in our new office in Barcelona, Spain.

  • Latest developments: The Who Feature, Real-Time Desktop Notifications

This is something we’ve never been shy to talk about on the blog. We’re extremely proud and excited every time we launch a new feature, and these are nothing like marvelous milestones for us. We also love to hear everything you guys have to say about MailTrack, whether it’s on UserEcho, Twitter, Facebook or via emails to provide feedback and support for us. Please keep them coming! Without this knowledge our users provide, it would be much harder to get to our main goal.

Having all of this just in the first quarter, makes us better prepared for the rest of the year. We have huge plans for 2015! And can’t wait to share it all with you guys… Some of them include more features for our free users, premium users and others we can’t yet disclose. Could you try and guess them? Or have any ideas? Let us know in the comments!