Unlimited Email Link Tracking: Get Instant Click-Tracking Alerts

What’s better than knowing if your contacts have read your emails? Knowing if they’ve clicked the link in the email itself.

Mailtrack’s unlimited Email Link Tracking feature for Gmail read receipts is one of several email analytics tools that we offer to those who upgrade from Mailtrack Free to Mailtrack Pro.

Know when your emails are opened

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How to track links in emails with Mailtrack

After you upgrade to Mailtrack Pro, our tool will redirect all links you add to your emails through our servers, without changing your recipient’s email or browsing experience. This allows us to tell you all the details about that link’s activity from within an email you’ve sent.

Mailtrack offers an effective way to track link clicks

You can monitor your email’s click tracking with Mailtrack in a number of ways. You can check this record by hovering over Mailtrack’s check marks in Gmail, or inside each email registered on your Dashboard. You will also receive real-time Desktop Notifications every time a recipient clicks on a link sent with Mailtrack. 

How much does email link tracking cost?

Our Email Link Tracking feature becomes available for unlimited use once you upgrade to Mailtrack Pro, which includes:

  • Full email metrics
  • Mailtrack compatibility with iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Unlimited attachment tracking
  • And much more.

You can view all of the advantages of purchasing the Mailtrack Pro plan on Mailtrack’s Pricing page.

Why is Email Link Tracking useful?

If you already use Mailtrack for free email tracking, then you know how useful it is to know when your email was opened, and how many times.

With our Link Tracking feature, you can take your email analytics to the next level. Knowing whether a recipient opened your message is great, but knowing how to track email clicks on links you’ve shared is priceless. 

Speaking to a sales prospect? Knowing they’re engaging with your emails likely means they’re interested in your service. Be ready to send a follow-up email with the best information in hand to keep the conversation going.

Trying to get an invoice sent through? If they’ve clicked the link to your document, but you haven’t been paid yet, then it might be wise to give them a  nudge as a reminder.

Confirming attendance for an upcoming event? If they’ve clicked the link but not confirmed that they’re coming, then a gentle follow-up will remind them to make their confirmation.

Continuing to email people who aren’t engaged with your communications at all could spell bad news. At worst, your email address could get marked as spam, and your emails could disappear for your contacts who are genuinely interested, too.

How do I turn off the Link Tracking feature?

If you upgraded from Mailtrack Free to Mailtrack but don’t feel like using the Email Link Tracking feature anymore, all you have to do is deactivate it in your Mailtrack settings.