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Activity Dashboard

All your email tracking activity in one place: last emails opened, unopened emails and the last clicked links in your emails.



Seamless integration with Gmail. Simple and elegant interface without invasive features.

Peace of mind

Know when your emails are opened. Avoid misunderstanding and broken communication.

Better insights

Measure the effectivity of your sales emails. Improve open and link click-through rates.

Reliability and Privacy

Fast and accurate email open tracking. High security with 256-bit encryption. No data sharing with third parties.


Real-time Notifications

Receive real-time notification pop-ups when your emails are opened


Works on Mobile

  • Mailtrack Add-on for Gmail on Android
  • Real time notifications on mobile
  • Responsive design, perfect for your phone

Email Activity

See at a glance inside Gmail your emails’ tracking activity


Link tracking

Know when your recipients click on the links in your emails



Receive an email notification if your emails have not been read after 24 hours.


Gsuite Compatible

Install Mailtrack throughout your entire organization in a matter of minutes

I am realtor it’s very important for me to see when my clients open emails I sent. I think anyone who needs a tracking system will find this one exceptional.[...]

Jannet Skeelsm

Realtor at United Real Estate Solutions, Knoxville

I don’t have to wait around for days to wonder if a response is coming or if the email has not even been received due to an address error.

Matt Bottoms

Director at Scottsdale Christian Academy

Ease of use, alerts, simple interface, very good integration with Gmail.

Jonathan Mandell

Sales Director at LearnCore, Chicago

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