Best 5 Yesware alternative services

Yesware offers a suite of email communication tools designed for sales professionals, teams, and customer support staff. Tracking engagement is critical to sales, and Yesware strives to make things easier for you whether you use Gmail or Outlook. 

However, Yesware is one of many services on the market that streamlines the contact and sales process. Today, we’ll talk about five Yesware alternatives that would be better options in different situations.

Top 5 Yesware Alternatives

  • Mailtrack: Best for email tracking
  • Groove: Best for large sales teams
  • Outreach: Best for sales engagement
  • Docsify: Best for sending documents
  • Saleshandy: Best for outlook users

Best Yesware alternative for email tracking

As a sales professional working online, tracking emails is a basic part of your day. Just imagine how prospecting would go without a good email tracker. People can show interest in your product by opening and reading your emails, but without a tracker, you’d never know that. Your only alternative would be to fire off more emails blindly, possibly turning off your prospect. 

Email tracking also lets you know if someone has clicked on a link you sent in the message. This information is essential for sales teams to know. Yesware offers basic email tracking capabilities, but Mailtrack can offer better insight. 

Mailtrack vs Yesware

Many people just want to track emails and send a group email on occasion. If this sounds like you, then Mailtrack is a more elegant solution. You might not use the larger menu of features offered by Yesware. Here are some basics on Yesware’s email tracking offering: 

  • Yesware pricing starts with a Pro plan at $15 per user per month
  • Tracks email opens, link clicks, and attachment views
  • Summarizes data in an activity feed
  • Includes real-time notifications for opens and clicks

The first thing to know about Mailtrack is that there’s a free plan that covers unlimited email tracking in Gmail, which beats Yesware pricing options. The free plan also includes email reminders if your message hasn’t been read after 24 hours and hot conversation alerts when a message has been opened multiple times in quick succession. For full data and no watermark on emails, Mailtrack’s Pro plan is $9.99 per month. Here’s what the Pro plan offers:

  • Real-time link click notifications
  • Email activity dashboard
  • Click report
  • Daily reports on sent, opens, and clicks
  • Monitor reply 
  • Revival notifications

In comparison to Yesware, Mailtrack gives you more ways to stay ahead of your email communications. The monitor reply function alerts you if you haven’t received a reply from an email even if the recipient has read it. This can be helpful if you’re waiting on a reply to move to the next step, not just an open notification. 

Similarly, revival notifications remind you when someone has read an email again after a long period of time. This could indicate a cold lead has warmed up again, and you can follow up in Gmail accordingly. Even the unread reminders and hot conversation alerts included in the free plan provide great intel for planning your next move. 

Best Yesware alternative for large sales teams

Groove is an alternative to Yesware

Managing sales communications across a large team presents unique challenges. As a prospect transforms into a customer and then an advocate, they may work with many different people at the organization. Emails, calls, texts, chat messages, meetings, and more need to be tracked. Teams need to connect the customer’s data in the CRM with Gmail and Outlook instantly to maintaining efficiency. 

Groove vs Yesware

Yesware is able to integrate Salesforce with Gmail or Outlook, and it offers some features for managing teams working in Gmail or Outlook. The mail merge functionality for email campaigns in Yesware is reserved for Premium plans and higher, though. Groove is one Yesware alternative that is built for larger companies and can sync different types of data between Salesforce, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Gmail, and Outlook. Here are some details on Groove: 

  • Pricing per user per month available upon request
  • Sync meetings, contacts, and more between Salesforce and email client
  • Easy mail merge
  • Use email templates directly from Salesforce
  • Collect custom data on sales teams to see where time is spent
  • Automate multi-channel, multi-step campaigns with Groove Flow
  • Make and log calls from multiple channels online with Dialer
  • In-depth analytics track email templates, call stats, engagement, and more 

Best Yesware alternative for sales engagement

When it comes to increasing sales and closing deals, there are Yesware alternatives out there. Don’t get us wrong, Yesware provides plenty of useful information for sales professionals. But it leaves it up to you to decide what to do with that information. If your company has a good internal sales procedure, that’s great. But it can still be nice to have a playbook to run with that is customized to your actual customer interactions. That’s where Outreach comes in. 

Outreach vs Yesware

Different Yesware Gmail features provide data like open rates and link clicks, Outreach goes the extra mile with sequences that tell you exactly what to do next and through what channel. Instead of following up with more email outreach, a call or text could be a better choice depending on the client and stage. Sequences make emails more effective by suggesting them at the right time. Here’s a breakdown of Outreach’s product: 

  • Pricing per month and per user by request
  • Sequences keep the flow going across phone, text, emails, InMail, and auto emails
  • Multichannel communication platform with video, direct mail, and webchat
  • Create and schedule emails and other communications at scale

Best alternative to Yesware for sending and tracking documents

The attachment tracker in Yesware for Gmail is a neat tool. When you upload an attachment with the Yesware button, it will track when the recipient opens it. With PDFs and Powerpoint presentations, it will also track views. But if you send a lot of documents, you might want some more control or insight. 

Docsify vs Yesware

Docsify is a Chrome extension that works with Gmail for email and attachment tracking. It offers a deep range of features for PDF tracking, so here’s a rundown: 

  • Track PDF downloads in Gmail
  • Track time spent on each page of PDF
  • Choose custom URL for the tracked document
  • Instant alerts on starting and finishing a PDF
  • See how much of a document was viewed
  • See what device and OS recipient used
  • Create email marketing templates
  • Send chat windows directly in PDFs

If you want greater insight into what people do with the PDFs you send, Docsify is a good choice. But besides that data, it only offers basic email tracking. Yesware has better features for campaigns and managing sales leads. 

Best alternative to Yesware for Outlook users

Saleshandy is an alternative to Yesware

While Gmail is popular, Outlook offers a range of business features and has been the standard of online communication for years. Yesware does work with Outlook, but not all of its features do. Out of 38 features listed on its website, 11 are only available in Gmail. Fortunately, mail merge is still available but features like send later and reminders are not. 

Saleshandy vs Yesware

Saleshandy beats Yesware for the number of email marketing features available in Outlook. It can be a good option for small businesses to enterprise organizations. Here’s a summary of the features available for Outlook users:

  • Paid plans start at $7 per month per user
  • Email scheduling
  • Mail merge
  • Email document tracking
  • Shareable email templates
  • Link tracking

Yesware is a good option for email outreach and managing email campaigns, but there are also a number of other companies that have strengths in different areas. It pays to compare features between different providers whether you use Gmail or Outlook. If email tracking is important to you, try Mailtrack’s free plan to access a range of different reminders and Gmail notifications.

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