What is the perfect template to send your CV via email?

Sending “cold emails” is very normal when you are sending your CV to a company where you want to work. Do not be ashamed of it. It is very normal and everyone does it. It is true LinkedIn is a great place to start but you should use your email as the main platform to keep track of your activities and progress while sending your CV. 

Yes, you read it well. Getting a job must be done like any other task. You need to define how many hours you will work on it, when will you do it and work seriously on it until you reach your goal.

That’s it. Work hard, focus on your goal and things will happen.

We know using MailTrack is super useful to do follow ups and to learn more about your progress. 

Here we want to help you with some email templates to start faster and also to learn a few tips about marketing and psychology.

Email template for CV (pure cold email).

This is the basic template, but please use it always as your first email. 

Learn about your employee is the most important thing.

Hi {his_her_name}, I am {your_name} and I saw your job posting for position {position} in your website. 

I know your company because I use your product. 

I know your company because I am a customer. 

I know your company because my mother buys your products and we love it. 

— Add something honest about the company if you know them. If not use one of this sentences.

I just visit your website and I think your company has a clear mission to do X, Y and Z. 

I think this is very interesting and while I was studying, I joined an NGO (or some company) working in related matters during two summers, specially I love working with X, Y and Z. 

— It is important you prove you know their sector, technology or tools. Please add an example sharing your experience. It is not important how small that can be. 

— Now that you have proof of some experience and some knowledge of their sector / field, you can move to your personal skills. It is very important to be clear and precise. Companies receive tons of emails for candidates. Make your skills shine. 

I have 1 year of experience with Google Analytics

I work with Wix, WordPress and Facebook Ads

I can create content, edit photos and keep your social media active to make your company more visible online. 

Research for your CV and Email

But before you start writing the email, or contacting people on linked in, don’t forget the most important thing about applying for a job, the research! The company you want to apply for a job, will know immediately, if you don’t know their insights, which is why you should always do your research well before reaching out! 

A good rule is to show them you know them. This will help you out significantly in the process and let you differentiate yourself from others who might apply.

Also important is for you to show them your motivation for applying for the job. If you don’t seem motivated, they will not want to hire you, simple as that. If you on the other hand seem motivated and confident when you apply, you once again differentiate yourself, and put yourself in a better position for the job!

— Finally make your offer clear and irresistible. 

We can work based on performance for 3 months and if you are happy, we will continue after that. 

Please do not copy and paste this email as it is. Make it personal, adapt it for every position and company. 

It is very important to make each submission personal and unique. Do some research in the company you want to work. That will make it relevant for them and for you. You do not need just a job, you need a career path for you to grow.

Interview follow up email template

This is a very important step in your job search. When you do an interview, you need to do a follow up. With MailTrack you will be able to see if the interviewer opens your email and if you add links you will be able to check if they open those links.

This is a great technique to understand if there is a good chance / opportunity for you in that company.

This is an example for you to use as a template:

Dear Mr. {name} – Make it personal. You know his / her name.

Thank you very much for taking the time for my interview.

I really like your company and this opportunity to work together.

Please let me know if you have all the information about my profile.

Just in case, here you have my CV (link to your file).


{your name}

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