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By @ConradoLamas

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I guess there is usually never much to say on a first blog post… Well, this is not the case at MailTrack.io, fortunately.

When Gabi García, Nacho González and Gil Casadevall invited me to work with their new project around August 2013, we were closing a previous startup that didn’t quite work (hey, you just can’t always win…).

By then, we decided we needed to get 30,000 installations by June, and that if we didn’t manage to do so, we’d better try something else — again.

But what can I say? We were wrong about what to expect and how to make our startup grow. At least that leaves something interesting to write about:

– We thought we’d get most of our MailTrack users from including a signature at the end of each message. It took us a little longer to realize that what really made a difference to how people discovered us was the quality and number of reviews about our product. Actually, searches for the brand “MailTrack” have been increasing steadily on Google. And I guess we neglected the “word of mouth” effect at the very beginning, which is key right now to our growth.

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– Our initial estimate for publications in the press were between 6 and 8 mentions monthly. But in no time we started getting between 15 to 20 publications per month — this number has now risen to 30.

– We reached 50,000 installations in May, leaving far behind the 30,000 minimum threshold that we had initially. In a matter of days, we’ll reach 100,000, and over 7 million emails sent with MailTrack.io. Quite impressive.

We’ve been published by more than 250 outlets worldwide, including some very important publications like Product Hunt (US) and Lifehacker (everywhere!); Europa Press, EFE and Genbeta (Spain); Tech2 (India); Techtudo (Globo.com, Brazil); ENTERMedia and El Universal (Mexico); La Tercera and BioBio (Chile), Clarín (Argentina), HVG (Hungary), BlogTinHoc (Vietnam), Prothom-alo (Bangladesh) and so many many others. It is unfair not to name all of them — and I’m sorry about that.

– Our plans were to keep working, the four of us, until the end of the year, show investors and prospects our potential, close an investment round and get the project going in 2015. Instead we closed an investment round of 400,000€ in June, added Gerard Ruiz and Philip Battle to our team to help us develop MailTrack, and invited Esther Orenes to keep contact with our users and listen to their ideas and feedback. We’re also expanding our Communication department, and accelerating every single point of our business plan — even the version reviewed just two months ago.

We’re all thrilled about our accomplishments, but we’re aware that we’re yet to face the most important challenges. Growing so fast brings a lot of responsibility, and the following months are going to be a tough test.

It will be exciting! Stay tuned 🙂

(Next week I’ll tell you how we managed to get so many publications on our product :))

*Reviewed by @PhilipBattle

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@ConradoLamas is a Brazilian Journalist and has been working with Public Relations since 2008. He took over the Public Relations at MailTrack.io in November 2013, when the startup was founded. Conrado is badly-known for being a little forgetful, too connected to his computer screens, and getting people bored at his genuine interest in politics.


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