Mailtrack for GMail

Can Mailtrack improve your communication?

When dealing with different forms of communication, there are some factors that are really important to consider. One of these is the trust between the sender and the receiver, or the seller and the customer. Another thing you need to consider is the communication channel that you choose. One of the great things about using

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Email Template

Save the date email template

Some dates are more important than others, and some days are so important, that you don't want to forget about them at any cost, or want to make sure, that all your guests don't forget about it!
Email Template

Reminder email template

In the work place, a lot of things are happening during the week, and sometimes, you and your colleagues can get so busy, that even some quite important things can easily be forgotten in all the stress and rush.
Mailtrack Campaigns

Mailtrack Campaigns turns Gmail into a group emailing tool for up to 200 contacts

Count on Mailtrack to send your email marketing campaigns to up to 200 contacts at once. Without ever leaving your Gmail app. Sometimes you need to send an email to a group of people, such as co-workers, partners, or colleagues. And of course, you want to know if they received your message or not. That’s

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