Nova funcionalidade: Alertas de Caixa de Entrada para comprovantes de leitura

Inbox Alert LogoTempo é tudo. É por isso que em nós oferecemos alertas de email que vão direto para a sua caixa de entrada quando suas mensagens mais importantes são lidas. Com os nossos Alertas de Caixa de Entrada, você estará sempre atualizado. Com a informação correta, é possível dar o próximo passo no momento certo. E além disso, você poderá guardar esses comprovantes para o futuro.


Inbox Alert for Email Tracking

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Nueva Funcionalidad: Alertas de bandeja de entrada para la monitorización de correos

Alerta de Bandeja de Entrada para Monitorización de CorreosLa elección del momento oportuno. Es por eso que ofrece alertas de correo que van directamente a la bandeja de entrada en el momento en que se leen tus mensajes más importantes. Con tus Alertas de Bandeja de Entrada, se te informará enseguida. Con la información adecuada, serás capaz de tomar las medidas adecuadas en el momento adecuado. Además, también puedes guardar estos avisos de recibo en caso de que los necesites en el futuro.


Alerta de Bandeja de Entrada para Correos

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Google Apps for Work And 11 Extensions To Go With Your Gmail

  • Google Apps for Work is the easiest way to have a professional email like “”, with the great user experience provided by Gmail
  • Besides, we suggest other Chrome Extensions and email apps that will increase your productivity and take your Gmail to the next level
  • With a business email address provided by Google Apps for Work and the right Chrome Extensions, you’ll be better able to get your emails opened and contact the right people

Google Apps for Work

As a Millennial and startup rookie here at, it always surprises me how just a few years ago people could work without a screen, or several of them simultaneously, for that matter.

On one of my first days here, I was having lunch with a colleague who told me about the transition he’d made from a traditional communications agency to our Internet startup. Initially, he said, he didn’t keep much in touch with the novelties of technology, and wasn’t really aware of the adaptation he was about to make in terms of the software programs he would use at work.

This might be the experience you had a couple of years ago as well, or maybe you’re going through this right now. Most of the people who work in Digital Marketing come from a world of Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer and telephone calls.

And little by little, we’ve moved into a routine where our new tools are free email accounts, Gmail apps, Google Apps for Work, HelpScout, Twitter, Facebook, Feedly and Buffer.

Is this process easy? Well, not really. I only recently changed from Word to Google Docs (I’m still young in this new world).

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How Did Get 100,000 Installations in 9 Months Using PR

mailtrack users signups people

If we made a short movie out of our last months here at, I think we’d go with the classical cliché of starting from the present, and then fast rewinding it to the past.

The first scene would be us discovering on a weekend that our brand was tweeted and retweeted hundreds of times after we were published on Lifehacker US, UK, India, Australia, Japan and Russia. I’m usually grumpy on Mondays, it always hurts waking up early again after two days of lazy mornings. But that week started differently.

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