5 Must-Have Opera Extensions and Add-Ons

– The Opera browser comes with a series of built-in plugins, including an ad blocker and a free VPN.

– You can also download other powerful extensions and add-ons from the Opera Store.

– MailTrack.io, Evernote, LastPass and other apps are available for Opera.

The latest changes to the Opera browser have caught the attention of many influencers and web users around the world.

The Oslo-based internet company recently announced the introduction of a built-in ad-blocking app, a feature that was only available before through popular extensions and add-ons such as AdBlocker Pro. Opera also tempted video lovers everywhere to download their software with a free VPN service, with no need to create an account or add an extra plugin.

The Opera browser even has a new power saving mode that reduces the activity of tabs you’re not using, a feature that decreases the amount of energy your machine uses. According to the Norwegian company, it helps extend battery life by up to 50% when compared with other popular web browsers.

If these new plugins aren’t tempting enough to make you give Opera a try, take a look at these Opera Add-Ons that are available on the Opera Store. You might be surprised by the number of popular extensions that are also available for Opera!

Need more reasons to give Opera a try? Check out these Opera Extensions.

Know if Your Emails Were Opened with MailTrack.io

Email tracking is a feature that used to only be available for digital marketers. MailTrack changed that, and added the double check marks for “read” receipts to Gmail. One green check indicates the message was tracked correctly, while two green checks let you know at a glance that your email was opened.

This Opera extension is also available for Chrome, where it has over 400,000 active users. Other premium features are available during a trial period, such as link tracking and email tracking daily reports.




Only Remember One Password with LastPass

LastPass is famous for its versatility, which is why it couldn’t be missing from the Opera Store. This Opera plugin allows you to store login usernames and passwords, as well as credit cards and shopping profiles. LastPass can also help you save and organize your favorite web addresses, and securely store any piece of data you have.

If you upgrade to LastPass premium, the add-on also offers unlimited syncing across devices.






Save Anything You See Online with Evernote

You’ve stumbled upon an interesting web article at work, but it’s too long for you to read right now. There’s no need to send the link to yourself via email!

With the Evernote Web Clipper, you can save, mark or share anything you see online. You can then access the material from a different device later, since it automatically synchronizes with your smartphone or tablet. This Opera add-on also allows you to bookmark an image or excerpt of the page you’re visiting, save it as a PDF, and take screenshots with annotations.











Transform YouTube into a Movie Theater with Magic Actions

Websites change their format every now and then for a number of reasons. When this happens with a website you’re used to visiting, it’s like going to the supermarket and finding that they’ve changed all the sections.

Magic Actions for YouTube improves your YouTube experience, and lets you focus on the video you’re watching. It includes an AutoHD feature, allows you to control the volume with your mouse scroll wheel, and has a 1-click Cinema Mode, which shades everything on your screen behind the video.






Your Favorite Extension Is Only On Chrome? Add It Anyway!

Download Chrome Extension is another Opera extension, but it really feels like a hack. There are plenty of reasons to start using Opera right away, yet many Chrome lovers don’t try it because they’re addicted to the array of plugins and add-ons offered by Google Chrome, and not so much the browser itself.

When you can’t find something on the Opera Store, you just have to take a look at the Chrome Web Store. If your favorite web tool is there, Download Chrome Extension can add it to your Opera browser. Simple and easy.