is 1 Year Old – And the Gifts Are on Us!

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Dear MailTracker,

I’m Nacho González, CEO at

I’d like to thank YOU for allowing us to reach our 1st year anniversary with so much good news to share. For this reason, we’re giving away branded T-shirts to our Top 50 users, and 10 Chromecasts to those top users who share a picture with their brand-new shirt singing #HappyBdayMailTrack with us.

Tell Everyone About our Giveway!

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We’ve got so much to celebrate.

In only one year, we’ve reached almost 150,000 installations, and over 13 million emails sent with our tool. We’ve been published by more than 250 media outlets worldwide, including Product Hunt, Lifehacker, EFE and We never thought we would reach these numbers so fast when we published our first tweet, officially launching our beta version.

And that was only possible, because you trusted our startup and became an early adopter of our technology.

We hope you’ll stick with us! We’re about to launch for mobiles, and we’re working on versions to support other devices and browsers as well.

Thank you for testing us, sending your feedbacks, answering our surveys, and telling your friends about


Keep MailTracking 🙂

Nacho González, with Joanne Torres, Philip Battle, Esther Orenes, Gabi García, Toni Salvatella , Gil Casadevall, Gerard Ruiz & Conrado Lamas

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More details on our giveaway:

  1. Any user must be registered on our database until 23h 59min (Spanish time) on November 23, 2014, in order to participate.
  2. One T-shirt will be sent to each one of the 50 users in our database with the highest number of emails sent with the extension for Google Chrome.
  3. Winners will be notified personally through the email with which they registered at If any winner does not answer our email within 1 week with their complete address, we’ll select the next top user by the number of sent emails. The same rule will apply to those users who prefer not to participate.
  4. After the 50 participant users are selected, any MailTrack user who has not been chosen will be able to verify their applicability by sending an email to Due to privacy concerns, our team will only be able to confirm if that user is, or is not, among the Top 50 users of our tool.
  5. will give 10 Chromecasts among the 50 T-shirt winners who publish on Facebook or Twitter a picture of their shirt and the #HappyBdayMailTrack promotional hashtag. Chromecasts winners will be picked randomly.
  6. T-shirt winners will have a month to publish their pictures with the hashtag, counting from the date the shirts are sent. All T-shirt winners will receive an email confirmation that their shirts have been sent within 2 days after shipment.
  7. If, after a month, less than 10 people participate in the Chromecast contest, MailTrack will limit the contest to the number of people who have completed their part of the agreement on point 5.
  8. Winners of the Chromecasts who live in countries in which Chromecasts cannot be purchased or sent to, will be able to choose an equivalent product costing up to 50 euros (shipping included).
  9. Employees, investors, advisors, and their relatives cannot participate.


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