MailTrack Releases its Premium Plan in San Francisco

MailTrack was invited to take part in the 2015 session of Inbox Love, an annual event that gathers startup and big-brand businesses to discuss the future of email. We took the opportunity to know a little bit more about the startup scene in San Francisco, and officially release our premium email tracking solution.

Email Tracking en San Francisco

There is one place that no one in the startup scene can, or should avoid: San Francisco. This city is the major global capital of digital entrepreneurship, home of thousands of startups and investors, creating a unique ecosystem closely observed by people in the internet sector worldwide.

That is why we reacted fast upon receiving an invitation to take part in the 2015 session of Inbox Love, an annual meeting in Mountain View (home of some of the biggest digital companies in the world) in which startups and big companies discuss the future of email. We received the invitation a month in advance, but making last-minute plans and reservations was more than worth it.

MailTrack has been growing fast, and the plan was to release our premium plan in November. With this opportunity, why not take this release to San Francisco?


MailTrack Goes Premium

We thought launching our Premium Plan was a great way to present MailTrack to the email sector in the United States. The Inbox Love conference was attended by over 100 entrepreneurs and other professionals who work with email projects, including presentations from Google, Microsoft, Atlassian, and many other companies and startups.

Our presentation described both our free and professional plans. On one hand, MailTrack Basic is our free solution, offering our double-check marks for easy, unlimited “read” receipts.

On the other hand, MailTrack offers an array of professional tools allowing you to know if your links were opened, provide you with daily reports of your tracked emails, and more.

During the event, we were glad to meet with other entrepreneurs who are reinventing the way we use email. Among the presenters were Mikael Berner (EasilyDo), Alex Devkar (Conspire), Alexander Moore (Baydin) and Dmitri Leonov (Sanebox).


Email is the Next Big Thing

Attending an event such as Inbox Love makes you realize how wrong the call for the death of email was. With over four billion accounts worldwide – that number is expected to reach five billion in 2018 -, email continues to be one of the most used forms of communication, even among teens.

No wonder all major brands in the sector are developing new email solutions. Google has been using Inbox as a repository of its latest experiments in email; Microsoft is inviting developers to create solutions for their new and Outlook 365; and even AOL is back, with an email app for mobile only.


San Francisco: The Internet of People

Being in San Francisco can feel like walking through the Internet itself. And not only because you get to see the buildings of many well-known websites, like LinkedIn, Salesforce, Evernote…

What makes San Francisco special for anyone who works in the Internet world is the possibility of having lunch, or just meeting and having coffee, with people who are influencing and changing the way we use the the web right now. It’s interesting, somehow reassuring, to realize the importance of the physical presence in the digital sphere.