Mailtrack Campaigns turns Gmail into an emailing tool for up to 200 contacts

Mailtrack now allows users to send individually tracked emails from Gmail to up to 200 recipients at once

Mailtrack, the company behind the leading email tracking software with over 1.5 million active users, announced they’ve made their new Campaigns feature available to all its users. Mailtrack Campaigns allows users to write a single email while sending and tracking an individual copy of it to up to 200 recipients from their own personal Gmail account.

One of the main benefits of Mailtrack Campaigns is that it works within Gmail itself. Users are not redirected outside Gmail to use Campaigns. Instead, a new option is embedded into Gmail’s Composer, allowing users to quickly paste in a list of recipients. 

Mailtrack Campaigns is ideal for sales representatives, marketers who wish to send templates to many recipients, job seekers who would like to send their CV to many companies, and any other Gmail user who needs to send emails to a large number of people.

For Eduardo Manchón, the benefits of the tool are clear. “Sending one email to several or tens of recipients at once wasn’t really covered until now. Before Mailtrack Campaigns, you had to either copy all recipients in BCC, which is not optimal for email marketing, or open an account at a complicated email marketing solution just for this purpose. Using your own personal Gmail means that your deliverability and open rates will also be higher”.

For more information, Mailtrack has outlined the new Campaigns feature here.

Mailtrack has been investing heavily in new developments. In the beginning of July, we announced the release of our Gmail add-on for iOS devices.

About Mailtrack
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