Mailtrack Campaign turns Gmail into an email marketing platform for up to 200 contacts

You’re already using Gmail, which is the best emailing service in the market. Why leave it when sending your email marketing campaigns?

You love Mailtrack for its simplicity and how it improves Gmail by bringing email and link tracking to the management of your daily emails. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use the power of those solutions to create a Google email marketing machine?

At Mailtrack we’re experts and partners with Gmail, and we just had to do it. From now on, if you need an email tracker that goes beyond individual messaging, you can count on Mailtrack to send your email marketing campaigns to up to 200 contacts at once. Without ever leaving your Gmail app.

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Turning your Gmail into a Google Email Marketing Platform

As with everything else at Mailtrack, Mailtrack Campaign is super easy to use. This is what you have to do to send your individually tracked emails to up to 200 contacts.

1. Hit “Compose” to write your email as you always do

Every compose window in your Gmail app can be turned into a Mailtrack Campaign message by simply clicking “Campaign” in the top right corner.

When you do so, you’ll see that your Gmail compose window will turn green. That’s when you know you turned your message into a powerful Google email marketing engine!

2. Add the email addresses of your recipients

Just like you do when you write any email in Gmail. If you have a list of email addresses (remember, up to 200 of them), you can also paste them into the “to” field.

3. Hit send and keep track of them

After you send your email, go to your “Sent” folder. You will see that each of your recipients have received an individual copy of your email, so keep in mind that each recipient will not see that others have received the same message.

Just like you normally do with all your emails sent with Mailtrack, you can follow the performance of each email by hovering over Mailtrack’s checkmarks to find out whether your message and links were opened or not.

If you’re a Mailtrack Pro user, you can also follow their full metric performance on your Mailtrack dashboard or your Android smartphone, as well as receive real-time notifications on opens.

Why Mailtrack Campaign?

Mailtrack Campaign brings the best of email marketing with features that block email blasts and help you keep a good reputation for your email domain.

1. Targeted email campaigns with improved deliverability

Gmail limits the number of emails you can send per day, and that helps everyone by keeping inboxes streamlined and email targeting strategies well thought out. That’s why you can only message up to 200 contacts with Mailtrack Campaign.

Thanks to these features, Mailtrack Campaign helps you send your most relevant emails to a well-defined group of people.

If you’re a G Suite customer, you can send your email marketing campaigns through your business domain, as you normally do when sending your individual messages through the Gmail app. 

This is great news, as most email marketing platforms will use shared IP addresses with low effectiveness on email deliverability. With Mailtrack Campaign, then, your chances of sending messages to your recipients’ inbox are significantly higher.

2. No new accounts, passwords, or any other hassle

Before Mailtrack Campaign, sending a performance-tracked message to a larger number of people meant opening new accounts and onboarding a whole different solution with its own navigation and information organization, which made your task incredibly unproductive and invited you to make all sorts of mistakes.

With Mailtrack Campaign, you never leave Gmail. And Gmail has always been our home. You can send and track emails with Mailtrack like you’ve always done. But now with the power of our email marketing platform.

Mailtrack Campaign is in beta: send your feedback

We recently released Mailtrack Campaign in beta to check its performance, work on new features and receive your feedback along the way. If you’d like to share your opinion on our new feature, let us know via Twitter by tagging us with our @Mailtrackio handle.

Know if your emails were opened

Add Mailtrack to your Gmail for free