Stay with Our Basic ✓✓, Or Go Beyond

What makes MailTrack different is the simplicity and straightforwardness of our double-checks, which tell you in one glance if your messages have been read or not. But if you want more than our basic version, and need greater control of your tracked messages, we recommend that you use all the professional features of our email tracking app.


One of the most common questions we hear at MailTrack is: “If your double-checks are free, how do you make money?”

MailTrack is based in the freemium business model. The term is quite self-descriptive.

On one hand, we’re able to give away a very useful feature with no cost. Our free version, called MailTrack Basic, was designed for all those email tracking users who only need a confirmation that their message has been opened.

They value simplicity over anything else. In fact, MailTrack Basic highlights our seamless integration with the Gmail app. Why add loads of features and information when all you need is a simple confirmation that your emails have been read?

On the other hand, MailTrack in its full version is for those professionals who need to go beyond the basic. Of course, MailTrack’s users love to know their email has been opened with just a glance of an eye, but they sometimes want more. When and how many times? Did they open the links? For them, that’s priceless data.


Get a Taste of What MailTrack is Like

Starting in November 2015, all MailTrack’s users will be invited to try MailTrack in its full version. During the trial period, MailTrackers will be able to see what the advantages are of using our app in full mode, with the personal, full-premium support that so many of our users enjoy.

As usual, they’ll know very quickly if their emails have been read or not with our double-checks. But they’ll also get full access to our Desktop and Email Notifications, unlimited email open records, and more.

price table

Our “Sent with MailTrack” brand signature helps us grow and makes our business more sustainable. But you can always remove it by keeping MailTrack in full mode.

MailTrack Basic, But Unlimited

What if you want to keep using only our double-checks for free?

Don’t worry, we also thought of you.

With MailTrack Basic, you’ll still be able to know if your message was opened with our ✓✓, with no limits of tracked messages. You’ll also have access to a limited number of Desktop and Email Notifications, and keep MailTrack’s seamless integration to your Gmail app.


Do You Want More Than MailTrack Basic?

If you’re one of the early adopters and have already enjoyed all of MailTrack’s features in the last months, we’ll consult you in the next two weeks regarding which of our two versions you’d like to keep: MailTrack or MailTrack Basic.

If you’re a new user and would like to know MailTrack a little more, we’ll be happy to share with you all the services during your trial period. Still, if you make up your mind before, you can always choose to complement your current plan at any time, at