New Feature: Inbox Alerts for Email Tracking

Inbox Alert LogoTiming is key in any interaction. That’s why offers email alerts that go straight to your inbox as soon as your most important messages are read. With our Inbox Alerts, you’ll be promptly informed. With the right information, you’ll be able to take the right action at the right time. In addition, you can save these read receipts in case you need them in the future.


Inbox Alert for Email Tracking

MailTrack’s Inbox Alerts are free for any Gmail user that has our extension installed on their Google Chrome. If you don’t have MailTrack yet, install it now!


Why Inbox Alerts?

We want you to be informed about your email opens without having to reach for your sent emails box. For your most important messages, this will allow you to take better-informed decisions.


How do they work?

Before sending your email, click the MailTrack button to the right side of the ‘Send’ button.

Activate Inbox Alerts for MailTrack

As usual, your message sent with MailTrack will be monitored with our double-checks, but with Inbox Alerts you’ll also get an email straight in your inbox when that message is read for the first time. Inbox Alerts will also send you a receipt every time that email is opened from a different device.

If you prefer, you can get Inbox Alerts by default at your MailTrack’s settings.


What do I need to do to get the notifications?

All you need is to have our latest version in your browser. If you’re not sure you have MailTrack for Google Chrome, install it here.


How much does it cost?

Nothing. This feature is 100% free for Gmail users, forever.

What do you think about our Inbox Alerts? If you have any other questions or suggestions let us know!