11 Google Drive Apps To Simplify Your Life

Positive feedback is always a good thing. What I like the most about it is that I can go back to my previous work and improve it. So you’ve guessed it; that’s exactly what I’ve done! After carefully reading the comments and feedback from my blog post,“9 Add-Ons For Google Drive That Will Simplify Your Life”,

I decided to add a bonus of two Google Drive apps for Google Sheets, an aspect of Google Drive that I think the post is lacking.

For starters, Google Sheets is a big time saver and productivity booster for us here at MailTrack. It’s a tool we have in constant use for different tasks, such as tabulating answers from surveys from our users, or to get our team to decide on a date for a social getaway.

Find Fuzzy Matches

One of the most tedious tasks I find in the vast world of Excel cells is having to filter and categorize endless spreadsheets. It happens to the best of us, even though we may not want to deal with that large amount of work. What I dislike the most about this task is that a lot of times typos can find their way into the work, making it nearly impossible to properly categorize. This amazing add-on searches all of the data on your sheet, finds typos, and allows you to fix it in the blink of an eye.



So say goodbye to having what you thought were unfixable random typos in the middle of your endless cells. Find Fuzzy Matches has got your back when it comes to this one.



The biggest pro of using Google Drive is how easy it allows for working as a team. Sharing, reviewing, editing and making suggestions on Docs is the largest productivity boost I’ve added to my routine in the past few years. Although there is a small con, (Google Sheets isn’t as great for teams as Google Docs) luckily add-ons like Workflows exist. It’s the perfect add-on when you need a member of your team to review work you’ve done, before officially handing it in. It also integrates seamlessly with Google Drive.

First, you add a reviewer to the sheet you wish to be reviewed. In my case, I added Conrado, then Workflows sends him a tracked email with the request.

It also keeps tabs on the approval status of the review.

Once your team member has approved all the changes, you’ll receive a message in your inbox informing you that the document is ready for you to view.




What’s also cool about this app is that it allows the reviewer to leave you his or her comments and insights on your work. Very similar to Google Docs.


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