Google Apps for Work And 11 Extensions To Go With Your Gmail

  • Google Apps for Work is the easiest way to have a professional email like “”, with the great user experience provided by Gmail
  • Besides, we suggest other Chrome Extensions and email apps that will increase your productivity and take your Gmail to the next level
  • With a business email address provided by Google Apps for Work and the right Chrome Extensions, you’ll be better able to get your emails opened and contact the right people

Google Apps for Work

As a Millennial and startup rookie here at, it always surprises me how just a few years ago people could work without a screen, or several of them simultaneously, for that matter.

On one of my first days here, I was having lunch with a colleague who told me about the transition he’d made from a traditional communications agency to our Internet startup. Initially, he said, he didn’t keep much in touch with the novelties of technology, and wasn’t really aware of the adaptation he was about to make in terms of the software programs he would use at work.

This might be the experience you had a couple of years ago as well, or maybe you’re going through this right now. Most of the people who work in Digital Marketing come from a world of Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer and telephone calls.

And little by little, we’ve moved into a routine where our new tools are free email accounts, Gmail apps, Google Apps for Work, HelpScout, Twitter, Facebook, Feedly and Buffer.

Is this process easy? Well, not really. I only recently changed from Word to Google Docs (I’m still young in this new world).

But, is it inevitable? Looks like it.

Remember, for example, how unprofessional it once looked to administer your email from work through a Gmail app that did not look like a business email address? Those times are definitely gone.

Chrome Extensions of the past

Remember the good ol’ days? Fax machines, Friends, Windows 95…


Getting a Business Email With Google Apps For Work

So maybe you agree that having free email apps with your Gmail account would be awesome — and undoubtedly cheap. But you’re a bit afraid of how your sales leads or professional contacts might think of you if you only use an email address that finishes with “”.

One of the best things when considering Gmail as an alternative to more traditional emailing software, like Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird, is that you can brand your Gmail with your own name, for example: “” — like we do here at This way, you’ll be able to use a professional email address for your business communication.

If you’re interested in that option, you should check out Google Apps for Work. Beyond simply working with one of the best emails providers, you’ll also have a number of business apps that will help you work safely and freely through cloud computing.

Professional email addressA little look inside the Google Apps for Work platform

Installing the best email apps and Chrome Extensions

Whether you choose to have an “” or an “” email address, you’re ready to go! The boom of technology startups around the globe have given us the impression that there is an app and extension for everything we need.

And isn’t it true? Just take a look at websites like Product Hunt, LifeHacker, and all the app markets like Google Chrome App Store or the Add-ons for Firefox. In September 2014, Apple alone reached 1,300,000 apps in their AppWorld.

In the email world, it isn’t any different. In such a big ocean of Chrome Extensions and email apps for us to choose, which ones should we stick with?

Fortunately, here at, we’re productivity freaks, and we’re always trying them.

Email Apps

Here’s a list of our favorite Google Chrome extensions

1- Gmail Offline

There is nothing scarier than having to work from a place where there is no Internet, let alone not being able to access your email. But thanks to this nifty Google Offline for Gmail extension, you’ll be able to say goodbye to only accessing your email through the Internet. It’s fantastic when you have no service, like when you’re in the underground or on a long wireless flight.



2- Add a professional email signature

– WiseStamp: Through an extension added to your browser, this app adds a signature to your Gmail that looks clean and professional.

Here’s an example:


You can also add small icons and links to your social media. This way, you’ll promote yourself every time you send an email!

Wisestamp has a free version, but if you want to have the signature without their brand in it, you’ll have to opt for their paid account. For $4 a month, you get unlimited signatures, premium templates, custom social icons and priority support.



3- Enable a tracking system to your email software

Tired of wondering if the person you sent an email to has seen it or not? This is where steps in. After you send a message, a first check confirms your email was sent, while a second one will let you know how long ago it was opened and from what device.



4- Send SMS from Gmail 

Call me lazy, but if I feel my smartphone vibrating in my pocket, I’ll probably won’t check what’s going on until next time I stand up.

If you’d also love to access everything you do from a phone  through your computer or laptop, you need to install MightyText. All you have to do is get their extension on your Chrome, on your (Android) phone through Google Play and you’re ready to go!


MightyText will also help you sync photos and videos between your devices and get call notifications on your desktop! This would only be more perfect if it also enabled you to check your WhatsApp on your PC or Mac as well. Let’s hope it’s coming soon!


5- Know all you can from the email addresses of your recipients

Ever wondered who is that stranger who keeps emailing you for no apparent reason? Don’t worry: Rapportive probably knows who it is. This Gmail app adds a discrete panel to your Gmail and offers you all the information it can find on the Internet about any email address.



6- Get real-time notification when you receive an email

Most of the time when I’m waiting for an email, I go into a frantic loop of opening Gmail and refreshing the page, hoping and praying I’ve finally gotten the email I’m expecting. That’s a big downer on my productivity!

I’m really glad I’ve found a way to put a stop to it. The Checker Plus for Gmail has been the key. This Gmail extension puts a small button on your Chrome navigation bar that lets you see when you’ve received an email in real-time. And you can also manage your emails without even opening your Gmail tab!



7- Write an email without having to change tabs

Let’s face it: sometimes we’re in a bit of a rush to send a quick email, whether it’s for work or pleasure. Or sometimes you’re just lost in a sea of tabs and you can’t seem to find Gmail quickly. (Personally I’m on tab #1,024)

That little annoyance has been solved. Open Compose Window for Gmail™ is an extension that adds a small Gmail icon to your navigation bar (very similar to Google Mail Checker) which automatically opens a new message window. Simple as one click!



8- Gain productivity within Gmail with shortcuts

Productivity is something everyone is focused on nowadays, and a great way to get things done quickly is with shortcuts. I for one am truly obsessed with shortcuts, and having an extension where I can use shortcuts within Gmail is a whole new productivity experience. That extension is KeyRocket. It teaches you how to use them in a very short and concise way.

Here’s a small example: by simply typing the letter ‘C’ in your Gmail tab, you can open a compose message window and start writing a new email:


They also have many other shortcuts, like pressing “/” to search for old emails, or “G + T” to look at sent messages. Fairly simple.


9- Get rid of spam once and for all

One way or another, we all have to deal with unwanted emails. They may be from websites and organizations that just won’t unsubscribe you from their mailing list, or the emails may be from that bar you gave your email to out of courtesy because you wanted to support the business in some way (and they started sending you so many emails per day that you wish you hadn’t). For these reasons, and plenty more, Block Sender for Gmail exists.


With this extension, you can block all emails from any specific email address, from a sender’s website, or block all email with the same subject line… And that’s just with the free version. On their website they have several other plans with many other interesting extra features.



10- Turn your emails into tasks

Yanado is a simple Gmail extension that turns your email to-do list into projects. You can also manage them via Google Calendar. Check out this 1-minute demo to see how it works:


11- Bonus App! Analyze all your email data for inbox efficiency

GmailMeter is the most popular tool to analyze your activity in Gmail and Google Apps. It’s not an extension within Gmail, but it’s so efficient and useful that we decided to add it to the list.

Basically, it’s email intelligence for everyone! With this app, you can construct weekly reports with detailed statistics and analytics based on how you use your Gmail.

The best part of GmailMeter? It’s completely free.




What about you? Do you know of any productivity extensions that we might like? Tell us in the comments!

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