Email Templates for SDRs

SDR: Sales Development Representative Also known as business development teams or lead qualification representatives.

He is responsible for obtaining all the contacts that come from the marketing department and they transform them into sales opportunities. In simple terms: Instead of a salesperson randomly emailing a list of X contacts trying to convince them to buy, the SDRs are in charge of directly contacting those who are interested in your business, thus making emails go from being cold to hot.

This procedure is known as Inbound Sales and it also helps save the Account Managers team time to focus on closing the sales opportunities obtained.

In our case we can say that it works, since the hot mails that our SDR makes makes our success rate rise by 20%.

And this is due to the book Predictable Revenue, created by Marylou Tyler and Aaron Ross. In it he refers to the importance of SDR in the commercial world, and how business leaders can with this role optimize their management and Inbound Sales processes.

3 key points in the work of an SDR:

1. It is the bridge between sales and marketing:

It is in charge of qualifying and passing the best leads from marketing to sales. This key procedure creates a bridge between the two departments: Potential customers are better followed, a AE is used to have more accurate data, and account managers have access to better potential customers.

2. Create qualified appointments:

Ross argues that salespeople cannot effectively prospect, manage accounts, and close deals at the same time. That is why by having an SDR, it would focus on prospecting thanks to the data provided by marketing and it would take the pressure off the AEs so that they can dedicate their time to what they do best, which is to follow-up to infinity (and with strategy) and close sales.

3. Take a turn in the sales process:

Taking into account this type of role makes the sales process even more structured and efficient, since SDRs are dedicated to prospecting and qualification, Account Managers are dedicated to deepening / finalizing negotiations and Customer Success is focused in making customers happy.

Email templates for SDR

Intro email

Hello {first name}:

If you’re like most {major roles}, you know how difficult [dealing with the problem your company solves] can be, especially when [relevant industry changes since COVID-19].

Our {product / service} takes stress away and improves it with {one-sentence tone}. Here’s what {client} has to say about us:

{testimonio de un cliente sobre el problema}

Would you like to have {the benefit of your product} as well? If so, will you email me at the best time to call you next week?

Hope your team stays healthy


Email template for SDR to close bookings

Hello [first name]:

Is your {parent company} struggling with {painful problem – related to COVID-19 if it makes sense}?

It’s a tough issue to overcome, and something that most {of your prospect’s industry companies} are struggling with right now. And it can cost {statistics or research to stir up painful problems}.

Our {product / service} helps you avoid this with {benefit / phrase pitch}.

I would love to show you more. Are you open for a call on {date and time} next week?

Thank you


Learn to attract attention

Learning how to make a great first impression and secure a meeting is one of the most important steps in becoming a highly successful SDR. Here are some tips on how you can do this:

Learn the lingo – If you work in a specific industry, for example you sell medical products or accounting software, it is vital that you learn the lingo. You need to use the same language your prospects use if you want to appear trustworthy.

Be Responsible and Trustworthy – To put it another way, always introduce yourself. Prospects are much more likely to agree to meetings and keep the sales flow moving if they can count on you when they need you. This does not mean that you have to wake up at 3 am to answer emails. But it does mean that you must decide the hours that you will always be available to speak and meet this standard. Set an expectation that you can trust.

Don’t be needy or pushy – The hard truth here is that no one wants to pay attention to desperate people, at least when it comes to sales. You can’t get noticed if you don’t seem to be in control of the situation. By being pushy, overly aggressive, or needy (begging for meetings), you automatically seem like the weakest part. You need something from them so they have everything.

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