Email template to send your RFP

RFP or Request For Proposal is the term used to describe a process where different service providers are invited to submit budget proposals for a project. 

RFP gives you the opportunity to win a new customer or to win a project in a company where you can install your solution or help them with your services. 

The process normally starts with the company sending out their RFP. This document normally implies the invitation to the provider to send their proposal. If you are selected for an RFP that only means you are invited to bid. The RFP will explain in detail what the company wants and needs from you. If you need to submit a timeline, budget, credentials… everything will be defined in the RFP. 

RFP helps bidders in framing the requirements and what you need to deliver to be considered in this process. 

Send RFP with MailTrack

With MailTrack you can track the open rate of your emails to your service providers. 

You can use Campaigns to send individual emails to your users adding all their emails at once. You do not need to use a tool like “MailChimp” for that. You can use Gmail directly. 

Neither you need to use the BCC trick to send multiple emails without disclosing the email list. Campaigns from MailTrack allows you to:

  1. Add a list of emails (up to 200).
  2. Send individual emails to each recipient. 
  3. Track each email individually.

To send out a document like a RFP to a group of service providers, Campaigns will help you a lot. You can create one email and add all the email recipients together. We will send individual emails to each user and with the tracking capabilities you will know if your recipients are opening your email. You will have a dashboard to track your campaigns.

You can do reminders and follow up based on their behaviour.

Now let’s see a template to send a RFP

Email template for RFP email (inviting your providers).

Dear Mr / Ms {his_her_name}, 

I am {your_name} and we want to invite you to participate in this process to select the best partner for our project. 

We are {describe your company here} and we want to continue leading our innovation or cost cutting initiatives (describe clearly your goal). 

For this project we have selected a group of partners. We want to start a process that will end up with one selected partner. 

We have included a PDF file with all the information related to this RFP. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly using this email. 

The deadline to receive the proposals is 21 days after today. 

In the RFP we have included a template you need to fill up. We have done it this way to facilitate your process in terms of creating the document you need to submit.

Thank you very much for your time and we look forward to working with you.

VERY IMPORTANT. Confirm you will enter this process replying to this email. We want to keep the short updated and if you do not want to participate, we will exclude your email from this list. 


The Team 

RFP are precious, so make it short

The service providers willing to work with you will be very happy to receive your RFP. So you can make it short. You do not need to give them much background. They probably know you and they will be happy to start creating the proposal for you.

It is very important to add a deadline as short as possible. You want to keep the process tight for everyone. 

WIth Campaigns you can do two follow ups.

  • Users who do not open your email. You can send them a very short reminder. In those reminders it is very good to add a sentence like “Please, confirm you are accepting this process. Otherwise we will eliminate your candidature.” It is better to have a quick NO than a vague “maybe”. 
  • Users who open but do not reply. Just send a second email reminding they need to reply to be considered for this process. 

Thank you for your time reading this article. 

Please, if you have ideas, comments, suggestions, just send us an email. 

We will be happy to help you with your mailtrack.

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