Find out What the Best Email Signature Is for You and Your Business

What does it take to create a great email signature? We explored this topic in our latest blog post about how to make an email signature that works for you.

As part of our research on the best email signatures, we talked to Orly Izhaki, CEO and founder of email signature generator tool Wisestamp. She has seen thousands of email signatures, and her company’s software helps people easily create impactful signatures that keep best-practices in mind. Here are her personal tips on the most important factors when it comes to email signatures.

Why is it important to have a great professional email signature?

A great-looking, professional email signature is more than just your digital business card – it’s one of the easiest and smartest ways to market and promote yourself or your business with every single email interaction you have. A good signature not only makes you look really professional, it puts a face behind the name. This is a great way to build personal interactions and gain credibility and trust with your contacts. Another advantage of using a good signature platform is that it lets you display and showcase details that are relevant to your business or goals. For example, WiseStamp, which offers both a free and (reasonably priced) Pro version, offers apps for every purpose: bloggers can automatically link to their latest posts, job searchers to online CVs, photographers can show their latest work on Instagram, realtors can let you book an appointment, and consultants and professionals can promote events and webinars. No matter who you are or what you do, a good online signature maker will offer you apps and services that are relevant for your business.

The best signatures also make it really easy for people to contact you, find out more about you, your products and services, and connect and follow you on social media networks, like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

What do you think are the most important elements that every person should include in their email signature?

First, one of the most important elements is your picture. Our research shows that digital signatures with a photo get lots more replies than emails without one. It helps create a personal element to your email interactions, helping to establish a relationship with the person you’re communicating with.

I would also suggest keeping it simple – less is more! The best email signatures are not overcrowded with information that’s not vital. In addition to your contact details (phone, email, website), you should choose features that represent you and will help you to achieve your goals. Want more bookings? Add a scheduling app. Want to showcase your online products? Add the Etsy or eBay app.

The great thing about social media links is that you can include them as icons in the your signature, which helps to keep your signature design clean and easy to read. In addition, if you use an automated tool like Wisestamp, there is the option to create custom social icons and access a larger set of templates & design tools, giving you more freedom to create the signature design you want.

Should your email signature format, style and information vary depending on your profession?

Absolutely. As I said, while the guidelines about clean, professional-looking email signatures apply to everyone, the best signatures can and should have a personality and reflect your profession.

For example, a realtor is more likely to choose the simplest, most standard fonts and colors and have links to Zillow and Trulia, while a musician can be more creative, using bolder colors and fonts and showcasing their music with YouTube.

No matter what your profession, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. At WiseStamp, we offer plenty of signature templates and apps to choose from and customize to your needs.

How have email signatures evolved over the years?

Email signatures have changed a lot. In the past, it was really difficult to create email signatures for many platforms, so emails tended to be either almost invisible, or really bombastic and flashy, often bigger than the text of the email itself. At the time, using a combination of bright font colors was popular, as was including every single piece of the sender’s contact information possible (home address, work address, etc).

And of course, they weren’t easily changed and didn’t have any dynamic capabilities.

All of this, combined with large pieces of clipart and long quotes at the bottom, made for very long signatures that were often hard to read and pretty irrelevant (meaning they were more often than not ignored).

Nowadays, improved email services and platforms like WiseStamp let anyone  create really professional, relevant email signatures that look awesome and stand out, while looking like they are part of the email. The signatures can be easily changed, and offer dynamic apps that automatically show your latest update, status, content or images.

In the past, it was also really difficult to create company-wide signatures that had consistent branding. Nowadays there are team solutions, like WiseStamp for Business, which provides centrally-managed email signatures that are easily implemented and also serve as marketing and sales channels, helping make business email ROI-positive!

What statistics might people be surprised to know about professional email signatures and their impact?

  • Over 1 billion emails have been sent with WiseStamp.
  • The average business user sends around 190 emails per month, and an average email is viewed around 5 times.
  • Social apps in your signature can increase your social reach by as much as 10%
  • Email signatures with a photo get ~30% more replies than those without a photo.
  • Over 50% of our users have added at least one of our dynamic apps to their signatures.  
  • Adding the appointment scheduling app to your signature can increase bookings by up to 15%.

See this infographic with more interesting numbers.

What are the benefits of using an email signature generator like Wisestamp compared to “manually” creating your email signature?

While it’s possible to manually create signatures using the tools provided by your email service, not everybody has the time or technical skills to do so. If you want your email to really stand out and look more professional, and improve interactions with your clients and customers, an email signature generator like WiseStamp makes it really simple and easy for you!