1,000 Reviews & a Near 5-Star Value: Our “Good Listener” Approach

By @ConradoLamas

Is it really that difficult to have good customer service?When we first started with MailTrack.io back in November, 2013, there were a few values that we wanted to make sure were embedded in our startup. We wanted to be global and dynamic, since the very beginning; data-informed and constantly put into question by our own hypothesis.And for sure, we wanted to be one of those companies considered to have the best customer service and helpdesk in their sector.Continue Reading →

Inbox Will Not Substitute Gmail, Say MailTrack.io Users

– While 79% of MailTrack.io Gmail users in Europe said they know about Inbox, only a third of those who had tried it believed it would be a substitute for Gmail

– 37% responded they either do not know Inbox or do not intend to try it

Inbox Vs Gmail

A survey conducted by the Spanish startup MailTrack.io concluded that a great majority of its Gmail users in Europe do not see Google’s new email app, Inbox, as a substitutive of its traditional Gmail app. The survey was conducted between November 12 and 17, 2014, obtaining answers from 849 European users of the MailTrack.io app — a Chrome extension for email tracking.

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