4 Chrome Extensions Every Sales Rep Should Have

Whenever I think about sales pitches, something also comes to my mind – Public Relations (PR) pitches. They’re not really that far apart or different from each other, and at the end of the day, they both seek to sell something, either a story or a product.

Working with MailTrack.io and being around so many productivity tools everyday, I thought there was no reason why I shouldn’t reach out to those PR and sales people with a few tools that’ll help them get great leads and see how well their pitches are doing! After all, I am obsessed with extensions and productivity tools. And believe me; I know how these kind of tools are handy when our job is to get someone’s attention. 🙂

Label emails that haven’t yet been replied to you yet

One of the most important stages, if not the most important stage, of pitching a sale or a story is the follow-up stage. Sometimes, when pitching or contacting someone through email, collecting all those unreplied messages can be a bit of a hassle, mostly because you really need to monitor those who reply to you, and those who don’t.

That’s where Unreplied.me comes in to help you out. This app syncs every night and labels the messages that haven’t been replied to you yet. This way, you can monitor those emails in a very organized fashion.

Schedule within Gmail

Something very important that I’ve learned while doing PR and living in a different time zone, is the importance of organization and scheduling. Sometimes I have to send emails to people in California or Australia, and I found assistant.to which fits me perfectly because it calculates time zones right inside Gmail!

The cool thing about this extension is that it helps you consider the time zone where the recipient of the email is and schedule it right inside your email. This is pretty awesome if you value high organization for sales and pitches.

Enable a tracking system to your email software

Chances are you’re probably tired of wondering if the person who you made a pitch to has seen it or not. The good thing is that you can use MailTrack.io for that. After you send a message, a first check confirms your email was sent while a second one will let you know how long ago it was opened and from which device.

Know all you can about who you’re pitching to

One of the most important things to do before pitching to someone, whether for a story or a product, is to have an idea of what that person does or writes about. Yes, cold emails work, but a personalized pitch will go a very long way.

An app that helps you out with this is Zoho Recruit It is an app that takes in-house recruiting to a whole new level. Make your work uncomplicated by sourcing, tracking and hiring your talent – all from one place .

So, what do you guys think about these tools? Which one is your favorite? What tools do you use to get great leads? Let us know in the comments!

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